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Training and development are at the core of any successful franchise. From recruitment to career development, talent management is always key, and attracting, managing, and retaining valuable human capital has never been more important. Accordingly, we have developed programs suitable for newly developed Franchises in addition to well established franchises. We offer various development programs for our clients:

Franchise Basics

Targeted to business owners starting up a franchise business or franchise management and staff who are new to the franchise world.

Franchise Management Training

An advanced franchise training program geared towards enhancing t he franchise management skills of franchise owners and the management team.

Strategic Franchise Sales and Marketing

Geared towards the franchise business development team and marketing team, a hardcore training program that focuses on thinking outside the box to find new opportunities.

Franchise Implementation Training

Made to support your staff and the franchisees’ staff for proper implementation of the franchise system.

Field Consulting Training

Developed to support your operational team in maintaining a hands on approach towards field audit to be able to translate their findings into development programs.

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